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The Importance of a Sitemap

What is a sitemap and how is it important? A sitemap is a list of all the links on your webpage. It is important to your visitors and it is important to search engines (robots).

How is a sitemap important to your visitors? When a visitor comes to your site they want to find information quickly. When a visitor can not find what they are looking for in a short period of time they will leave your site. A sitemap will give them a list of all the links on your site and allow someone to click directly to a page, making their search time fast. This also will aid your site in creating repeat visitors. People like information fast.

How is a sitemap important to search engines? When a search engine comes to your site it will look for this sitemap. This is important because you want all your links to be indexed by them. When all of your pages are indexed it makes your pages easier to find because they will be listed individually on the search page. So not only will your main page show up in a search query but the individual link pages on your site will show up also. Example: if your site contains a link called mylinkphp then someone enters this into a search engine most likely your main page will be displayed and also your mylinkphp page will be displayed making it easy for the visitor to click directly to your mylinkphp page instead of going to your main page and then clicking again to your mylinkphp page.

To create a sitemap for your site it is very simple. Click this link and enter your website address in to the box and hit enter. Create a sitemap  this will create a sitemap for you making it easy to copy and paste to your site. Also if you use Google Webmaster or a similar site you can upload this site map directly though Webmaster or Microsoft Account and so on.

Good luck and if you have any problems or questions please   click here and leave me a message